for Android 8.0 or later

This application assists color-blind people know the names of colors.
When you point the camera at an area whose color you want to know, the color information of the center point of the camera screen is displayed.

This application displays color information not only in numerical and textual form, but also graphically with a color wheel meter and a luminance meter, so that the approximate color name can be determined at a glance.

The 13 color names displayed by the letters are: brown, red, orange, yellow, yellow-green, green, blue-green, blue, purple, red-purple, white, gray, and black.
Additionally, "light" or "dark" is added to the color name as appropriate.

The color information is always displayed.
But, only the color names are displayed after the camera has stopped moving and the color information values have stabilized.


The color information in this application is not highly accurate.
Because, the color of what you see depends on the color and brightness of light from the surroundings.
And, the output of each camera not only differs in color characteristics, but also automatically changes brightness depending on the situation.
So, please do not use this application for important decisions.

Description of the application screen

1. Camera screen
Displays camera images.

Also,touching this screen performs the same action as the pause button 9.

2. Color screen
Enlarges the color of the point where the vertical and horizontal hair lines intersect on the camera screen 1.

3. Color name
Displays color names derived from HSV values 5 and luminance 6.

The RGB values are displayed in color screen 2.
The numbers are in decimal (0 - 255) from left to right: Red , Green, Blue .
The right end is a 6-digit concatenation of RGB values in hexadecimal (00 - FF).

5. HSV
Displays the HSV value of the color screen 2 calculated from the RGB values (4).
The numbers from left to right are Hue (0 - 360°), Saturation (0 - 100%), and Value of brightnes (0 - 100%).

6. L
Displays the luminance Luminance ( 0 - 100 ) calculated from the RGB values 4.

7. luminance meter
The value of luminance 6 is indicated by the luminance indicator 7a moving up and down.

8. Color Wheel Meter
The tilt angle of the hue indicator 8a and the saturation indicator 8b is the hue H.
And the letter they point to is the color name.
The length of the saturation indicator 8b varies depending on the value of saturation S.
When saturation S reaches 100%, saturation indicator 8b touches hue mark 8a.
The longer the length of the saturation indicator 8b, the more vivid the color.
In the case of achromatic colors, the hue indicator 8a and the saturation indicator 8b will disappear.
In that case, the letters next to the luminance indicator 7a on the luminance meter 7 are the color names.

9. Pause button
Touching this button stops the screen update. Then touch it again to cancel the suspension.

10. Version display button
Touch this button to display the version of the application.